Extreme anniversary
By 2008-08-08 R.Å.S.O.P. will have existed for one third of a century.
The number of years equals the preferred size in cl of a bottle of beer
used on a field while contemplating the previous round in a game of extreme crouqet.
The International Olympic Committee has decided this is the day to start a game.


EXtreme croquet is the ultimate contest.

You are surrounded by ruthless competitors.

Your fate depends entirely on your own skill, and your killer instinct.

In short - eXtreme croquet is like life itself...



Krocketklubben R.Å.S.O.P. (The Croquet Society of R.Å.S.O.P.) is the oldest known eXtreme croquet club in the world.

It was founded on April 9, 1975 in Sweden by students of the Linköping University of Technology.

After more than a quarter of a century a champion is still crowned every year.

For more about eXtreme croquet and R.Å.S.O.P., click on Archives and read Derek Workman's fine article on ultimate croquet.

  Krocketklubben R..S.O.P.