1980 Spring Championship

The traditional pickled herring lunch, including the mandatory drug testing, prior to the 1980 Spring Championship.

1982 Spring Championship

The 1982 Spring Championship was honored by extremely fine weather, and was played adjacent to the C1 building of The Technical University of Linköping.

A lot could be said about the strange brew that Håkan C provides himself with, but silence is recommended...

Mats T supporting a tree.

1986 Fall Championship

The 1986 Fall Championship, like so many other championships, was played at the archery field in Ryd. Håkan L was crowned as the champion.
Standing: P-son - John-John - Gugge - Mats K - Hazze
Sitting: Håkan N - Håkan L

The R.Å.S.O.P. equipment trolley. Since the standard size of the Swedish beer trays have been changed, the trolley is not used anymore.

The ice around the pole did interact with the Delrin balls in an interesting way.

A rather nasty position for the wicket, in a wooden pallet. The balls tended to disappear into, and under, the pallet so it became necessary to apply a certain degree of "persuasion".