(There´s a lot of photos here - please, have patience...)

Quarter Century Championship 2000

The traditional doping test before the game.

Team shot. This year we were honored by a couple of well-dressed female spectators, namely Linnea (in red) and Heléne (in white).

One of the obstacles - a cut down oak tree. Hazze about to croquet P-son.

Hazze preparing to croquet Tom on the poison post.

A couple of seconds before the succesful croquet.

John-John smoking the Champion's Cigar behind the R.Å.S.O.P. Croquet Game Warning Road Sign.

The Championship of 2001

Of course, the Swedish flag is hoisted before the championship.

P-son, John-John, Hazze, Tom and Mats

Defining the start position.

Mats K easily makes wicket no. 3.

OK, the pointing is a bit exaggerated...

Wicket 5. The wicket had to be completed from the tree side. And "Yes" - there was sun for a moment...

A nasty place, but it's only a pile of rotten grass....

Tom is doping himself before the final rounds. The banner is from 1976. It was ordered from a friend of Hägga's for the price of a bottle of whiskey.

Aligning balls for a poison post croquet.

From a different view.

Game over! The previous and the present champions.

Tom is congratulated by some impressed players.

The Championship of 2002

The Championship of 2002 was played on June 8 in Storvreta, near Uppsala. The host, P-son, had arranged the traditional pickled herring lunch, including the mandatory drug testing. C-M, Håkan N and P-son raises the Swedish snaps.

Since our fine croquet trolley is no longer available, we had to use a simple wheel-barrow to transport the beer. Håkan N, who is a strong guy, pushed it about one kilometer through a forrest to the playing area.

P-son trailing Hazze towards the third wicket.

P-son was attacked frequently. Here it is Anders Weister who sends P-son's ball towards the post, but Anders misses with some millimetres.

Finally, after an impressive finish P-son could get out of his troubles and actually capture the title of 2002.

Tom - Hazze - Gugge - Anders W
P-son - the warning sign - C-M

Håkan N is behind the camera.

The Championship of 2003

Tom Rindborg is a lucky guy. He actually owns a mountain - or at least a good part of one. The 2003 Championship took place on that mountain, so it is no wonder that he also became the new champion.

Thanks to "Wolf-pipe" for providing the photos.